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Center-Line offers precision CNC TURNING & MILLING services. Parts are fabricated on site at our facility located in Mentor, Ohio. Our lathes are Mazak, our mills are Haas and we also have Smart machines that feature Turning and Milling capabilities. Additional high-tech and manual equipment is utilized to handle all your manufacturing and metal cutting needs.

We utilize our manual equipment to produce tooling, add finishing touches, such as tighter tolerances or fine finishes. Using Fusion 360 and or Gibbs CAD/CAM software we can program your parts from a solid model. Our range of onsite equipment gives us the capabilities to produce a great variety of complex quality parts with a promise of quick turnaround.
cutting tool at metal working.jpg


Center-Line can provide CNC turning of parts up to 13 inches in diameter and 38 inches in length. We are experts at drilling, tapping, countersinking, threading and producing blind holes. Utilizing advanced equipment operated by experienced machinists.


With CNC milling capacities up to 50”X25”X24” inches of travel and 4th axis capability Center-Line has the equipment to produce parts tailored to meet the needs of even the most precise demands. We combine the capabilities of these complex CNC mills with our knowledge in fixturing & programming techniques to perform milling operations on diverse components.

Milling metalworking process. Industrial CNC metal machining by vertical mill.jpg


Center-Line also has Turning machines with multi axis milling capabilities allowing for your parts to be made in one operation. A range of parts can be made on these machines utilizing bar loaders for unattended production. These machines allow us to manufacture your parts economically,and precisely, by reducing time and increasing production.

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