Center-Line Machining has the experience and capabilities to work with different types
of plastics, ferrous and non ferrous materials. 
We can accommodate all of your needs. Prototype, short run and or larger production orders.
All products and components are custom machined per customer specified drawing
or special order by reverse engineering. In addition we offer short lead times,
fast personalized delivery and customer friendly service.

The markets we currently serve consist of businesses involved in the
  • automotive
  • aviation/aerospace
  • energy
  • die/mold
  • construction
  • fabrication
  • roll forming
  • molding industries
In particular we manufacture hydraulic fittings, pneumatic components, shafts, rods,
crane wheels, mechanical parts for securing equipment, such as but not limited to: 
fasteners, nuts, bolts, washers, studs and various other mechanical parts for assemblies. 

Many of these components are manufactured to sustain harsh and extreme elements.


Center-Line Machining

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